How Much Does an Hourly Limo Rental Cost?

Limo services are unique ways to enhance any special event, but many wonder how much hourly limo rentals actually cost. Most prices vary depending on the company. However, you can generally expect competitive pricing among professionals.

Platinum Limousine offers a comprehensive list of typical price ranges for hourly limo service. When determining how much an hourly limo rental might cost, here are some factors to consider.

Keep the Essentials in Mind | What Is a Limo?

When most people think about a limousine, they may envision a stretch vehicle that can seat 4-16 passengers. However, the term ‘limo’ is often used to refer to any chauffeured luxury ride, including premium sedans, SUVs, vans, and buses. These stately cars provide comfortable seating and numerous luxury amenities, some of which include:

  • Comfortable leather seating
  • Full panoramic view
  • A sunroof
  • On-road WiFi access
  • Audio and visual entertainment systems
  • Knowledgable & professional drivers

Limo rentals are excellent for many different occasions. For example, you can hire drivers to chauffeur you to and from airports. You may also choose a limo rental for special events like proms, weddings, and city tours.

However, not every use of a limo costs the same. Some events may deviate from the typical hourly rate. These examples should provide some clarity.

Fleet Listings

Not all limos are the same. The vehicle’s year and model will factor into its hourly service pricing.

For example, a traditional stretch limo may cost anywhere from $125-175 per hour (national averages). On the other hand, a luxury Mercedes Sprinter may cost upwards of $200. When choosing a vehicle for your limo service, be aware of the various offerings and how their prices compare.

Due to their size, other vehicles, like party buses, coaches, and stretch hummers, may cost between $100 and $250 per hour.

Location is also a factor. Expect to pay more in big cities and exclusive locations where the cost of living is high such as islands and resort towns.

How Long Will You Need the Vehicle?

You may only need limo services for an hour or two. In this case, the price is likely to be relatively affordable. However, some occasions require a vehicle for several hours or the entire day. The longer you need a limo, the more expensive it will be.

In scenarios when you need the vehicle all day, try and find a company that offers limo packages for reduced pricing. For example, some companies may offer flat rate options for nights.

Some services also charge more under a certain minimum, for example, a 2-hour minimum for hourly rentals.

When Do You Need the Vehicle?

Like many transportation services, surge pricing applies to limousines. Customers may demand these luxury vehicles more during specific days and times. Typically, weekends and evenings are the most expensive times to rent a limo.

For example, a weekday limo rental in Key West may cost $125 per hour. The price could jump to $150 per hour on weekends or evenings. This change is not too off-putting for some but is worth considering.

Not all companies operate on this model. Some offer static pricing options throughout the day. Find a reputable service to ensure they can provide service when you need it.

Special Event Pricing

Reserving a vehicle for a long event keeps it unavailable for others to rent for extended periods. So, some companies will charge significantly more for special occasions.

For example, wedding limo rentals may cost as high as $1,200 for the entire duration. These prices may also factor in some complimentary services for those riding in the limo.

Other events, like prom, may be more affordable because they only last a few hours. When browsing limo services, look into each company’s event rates.

Other Charges

Many hourly limo rental companies will charge extra fees for specific amenities. The company may not always include snacks and drinks in the base price. Keep an eye out for gas charges or bar fees.

It is also customary to tip your limousine driver. Some limo companies may include a gratuity in their fees, while others leave it to their customers.

We Offer Competitive Pricing

At Platinum Limousine, we make these luxury rides affordable. Our competitive pricing gives you the comfort and entertainment you need during your trip.

Our passengers enjoy a safe and reliable ride from veteran drivers. We value punctuality, so you never need to worry about being late. Drivers map several routes to avoid traffic delays and other on-road mishaps.

Why risk a transportation nightmare at the end of a long trip? Relax on the road and enjoy excellent accommodations in these exquisite vehicles.

For more information about our hourly limo rentals, contact us today. Call Platinum Limousine in Key West, FL, at (305) 475-5000.

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