How Early To Arrive at Key West Airport

One of the problems with traveling is knowing how early to arrive at Key West Airport or any airport in the region. Knowing when the flight is scheduled to leave is only half the battle. You must also consider everything from the security wait times to whether you’re taking a domestic or international flight.

Reliable airport transportation in Key West is necessary for getting to your flight on time. Still, our helpful team at Platinum Limos shares several tips to make it easier to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

How Early To Arrive at Key West Airport: Top Tips To Consider

If you want to have enough time to check out the Conch Flyer Restaurant in the main terminal and relax before your flight, you must know how early to arrive at Key West Airport.

Key West International Airport is a small but mighty airport that services over a million travelers annually. Passengers going on domestic flights should get to the airport around two hours before their flights’ departure, while those boarding international flights should give themselves an extra hour. Not only do passengers need enough time to get through security checkpoints, but international flights often board before domestic ones.

Ensure you make your flight on time by following these tips.

Pay Attention to Traffic

Many people assume they have enough time to clear security checkpoints, but they forget to account for ground transportation to the airport. Traffic problems can arise at any time. It’s best to anticipate delays and leave your home or hotel early to ensure you have enough time to get to Key West Airport.

Make Time To Park

Parking can be another delay for airport travelers. If you’re driving to Key West Airport and intend to park your vehicle, you need to make enough time to find a decent spot. Depending on where you park at an airport, you might have a long commute by foot or have to wait for a shuttle to transfer you from the parking lot to the main terminal.

One way to avoid wasting time searching for a prime parking spot and shortening your time to get through TSA is by hiring private transportation. With a private ground transportation service, you’ll have a chauffeur who will take you directly to the airport and drop you off at the main terminal. You can skip the airport parking lot altogether.

Only Pack a Carry-On Bag

A common hiccup at airports happens at the check-in desk when there’s a problem with checked luggage. If many people are in the queue, it will only take a few issues with baggage to create a delay for everyone else who needs assistance at the check-in desk.

Still, you can skip the check-in desk if you travel light with only a carry-on bag. In many cases, you can check yourself into your flight at a kiosk in the main terminal and print your own board pass. Some airlines allow mobile check-ins via apps to make it more convenient for travelers.

You can also use kiosks to print baggage tags if you have to check a bag. That way, you can drop it off at a self-tagged area with a shorter line, leaving you more time to get to your gate before your flight’s departure time.

Sign Up for TSA PreCheck

Another hassle with flying is getting through TSA. Most people find that TSA lines are long, and if you don’t give yourself enough time to get through the line, you could miss your flight.

The Department of Homeland Security has the TSA PreCheck program, allowing travelers to streamline their security check process. It costs about $85 for a five-year membership, and participants must go through a background check and interview to gain clearance.

With TSA PreCheck approval, you can breeze through a shorter security checkpoint without removing your shoes or taking items out of your bag.

Start Your Key West Trip Off Right by Booking Ground Transportation With Platinum Limo

Save time when learning how early to arrive at Key West Airport by reserving private transportation to the airport. Platinum Limo has over 35 years of providing red-carpet services to travelers, like airport transfers and hourly service. Our friendly and reliable chauffeurs operate clean, well-maintained vehicles, including the Cadillac Sedan and Cadillac Escalade.

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Do you need more reasons to hire private airport transportation? Take a look, then give Platinum Limo a call.

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