Top Key West Travel Tips: Taxi vs. Private Car to the Airport

One of the biggest parts of planning your trip to Key West includes transportation in and around the area. When it comes time to get to the airport, your choice can help or hinder the enjoyment of the trip. Most importantly, it can determine when you get home, especially since a bad ride could leave you stranded.

In these cases, it can be tough to determine if taking a taxi or private car to the airport fits your plans better. You could get an airport transfer by Platinum Limousine, but you should feel confident knowing that’s the best choice for you.

Taxi vs. Private Car to the Airport: What to Keep in Mind

Below are a few things to consider when choosing between a taxi and a private car for airport rides.

Booking Flexibility

When you need to get on the road last minute, a taxi or rideshare service may be okay. You can quickly schedule a ride, though it depends on how many people are available and their timetable. For example, it can sometimes take 10 to 20 minutes for a booked taxi or rideshare vehicle to arrive.

If you’re making your plans early, a private car service can get you to your location safely and comfortably. Some companies also offer last-minute bookings. Most importantly, once you have booked with a black car service, you can rest assured you have a ride.

Private car services maintain reliability and punctuality for all of their trips. They often arrive early and wait for you instead of having you wait for them. For something as important as getting to the airport, their timely arrivals can reduce stress and prepare you for fun.

Customer Service Quality

A rude or impersonal driver can make your transfer to the airport uncomfortable. Even if the taxi driver doesn’t express blatantly rude behavior, they may not help with your luggage. Occurrences like this create a negative experience that can color your experience in Key West.

Generally, taxi service providers focus on getting from one passenger to the next for their pay. Black car service chauffeurs, however, only have you in mind for the duration of your ride.

They focus on individually treating each person with respect to amplify your comfort. A smile, luggage assistance, and detailed care can boost your mood, even on a rough day. Moreover, they can easily accommodate stops before your destination, whether pre-scheduled or sudden, so you have what you need.

Comfort and Cleanliness

Taxi companies do not have the same cleanliness requirements as private vehicle companies. For rideshares, the condition of the vehicle completely depends on the driver, which has led to some catastrophic rides.

Additionally, drivers often don’t get the chance to clean up between rides. If the last occupant left a mess, you’d either have to sit with it or wait for a new ride.

You may not know who rode the taxi before you, but you wouldn’t know if anyone did in private cars. Taking a private car to an airport means riding in a vehicle that receives thorough cleanings between each use, wiping away dust, bacteria, debris, and more. The drivers also focus on your comfort, often providing complimentary drinks, Wi-Fi, and a smooth ride from a well-maintained vehicle.

Ride Costs

One of the most prominent worries many people have when looking for a ride is how much it will cost. Spending too much on the ride to the airport could mean cutting into the money for your Key West souvenirs.

Taxis and rideshares often appeal to people because of their reputation for having generally low costs. However, compared to an hour with a black car service, taxi and rideshare rides can even cost more. Even short rides under 10 miles can reach the hundreds during local events or heavy traffic.

Private car ride prices do not ebb and flow with traffic or events and attractions. You receive a quote for a set price for the time you use their high-quality services. Black car service prices have decreased, making them even more suitable for airport transportation.

Experience Top Quality Private Car Benefits with Platinum Limo

If you choose to take a private car to the airport in Key West and surrounding areas, schedule your trip with Platinum Limo. Our luxury fleet exceeds expectations, with roomy SUVs and lush sedan options for entourages of many sizes. Experience our trained chauffeurs and comfortable trips with a support staff that stays ready to answer your private transportation FAQs.

Call us at Platinum Limo in Key West, FL, at (305) 475-5000 to make your airport ride that much easier.

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