The Advantages of a Chauffeured Service vs Ride-Sharing

What Are The Advantages of a Chauffeured Service vs Ride-Sharing?

Are you stuck cracking your brain on what is the best option between Ride-Sharing and Chauffeured Service? You need not worry anymore about the dilemma. This article will cover the reasons that make chauffeured car service give ride-sharing a knockout.

When you are driving, there is the fear of the unknown that runs through your mind. The fear comes from not knowing how the journey will be the question in your mind will include; are the roads closed? Is there a traffic jam? Will I get all red lights on the way? To avoid all these questions, we have compiled for you the reasons that you need to select a chauffeured car compared to ride-share, and here they are:

Time is Money

The world we live in is moving fast; with this pace in life, everyone is very busy, and the schedules are crowded. When your day is engaged, the last thing you expect is to get stuck in traffic. When you get a professional chauffeur, they will go out of their way to ensure that you get to the destination you need on time.

GPS may direct you to a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam; on the other hand, when you use an experienced chauffeur, you get a person who knows all the routes to take to avoid traffic jams and who understands the lay of the land. When you use ride-sharing, you can get a driver who has just ended a trip and is not conversant with the area.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

It is a notion that taxis and Ride-sharing are cheap compared to chauffeured cars. When you analyze this point, you will find that the chauffeured vehicles are affordable. When you use a chauffeured vehicle, you get the price of the entire trip upfront. On the other hand, when you use ride-sharing or Taxis, you are not sure what the final cost of the total trip will be.

The unknown pricing value that gets derived from ride-sharing apps surges depending on the time of travel. When you use taxis, the driver will use the slowest, heavy traffic, or longest route to increase the fare they will charge you at the end of the trip. When you use a chauffeured service, you get a flat booking fee that will apply across the journey.


Most ride-sharing service providers do not have insurance for passengers. In a scenario you are involved in an accident, you are not guaranteed to get compensated for the damages. This implies that whenever you take a ride-sharing service, you are risking your life.

The risk is made worse by not knowing if the driver of the ride-sharing car has the needed experience in that most of the driver’s moonlight. On the other hand, private chauffeurs have been seriously vetted and have years of experience under their belts. You can rest assured they will get you to your destination safely.

Strict Hygiene

When using a ride-sharing service, you cannot know how clean the car is. Or when it was last sanitized. Due to how the ride-sharing app works, one passenger gets dropped off and another one boards giving the driver no time to clean the car.

Chauffeured cars get cleaned after every trip and thoroughly sanitized, especially this Covid-19 pandemic; it is the best practice to sanitize the vehicles to avoid the risk of infection.

Promptness and Reliability

Apart from getting to your destination fast, you can rest assured that they will be prompt and reliable when you use a private chauffeur. When you use a private chauffeur, you need not worry if you have lost your phone, the app is not working, or your battery is dead. On the other hand, when you use ride-sharing, the driver will leave if you are not at the pickup point.

When you select a private chauffeur, they will wait for you if you have any delays getting to the location that was pre-agreed on. When you get assured that you will get your vehicle, no matter any delays, you will relax the rest of the trip.

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