5 Ideas How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Transportation For Your Special Day

The big day is coming up fast, and almost everything has been taken care of. Every detail has been well thought out, from the table cloths and silverware to the color of balloons in the reception area. With so many different tasks at hand, it is understandable if the wedding transportation might have been overlooked. It is imperative to hire your transportation as far off from the event as possible. When you are having a wedding in Key West, there are many great options to get the bride and groom (and wedding party) to and from the wedding locations.

The vehicle the bride and groom will ride in will be luxurious and clean, but the couple must look for the vehicle they want on their special day. Do not delegate this task to another who will not be riding in the vehicle. After all, it’s the couple’s big day.

This article will present a short guide on choosing the perfect car for your special day. After reading through this article, you can use the information to hire wedding transportation for yourself or help a bride-to-be with her decision-making.

Research Well In Advance of the Wedding

The need to book early cannot be overstated. Begin your research many months in advance of your wedding. Look through the vehicles in the fleet and take notice of the number of passengers and baggage a vehicle can carry. Also, take notice of all the amenities available within a specific vehicle. No two vehicles are identical, so pay attention to the details.

Researching early means you can book early. Booking early must be done to ensure you don’t run into scheduling conflicts, as your wedding won’t be the only event happening. Once you find the perfect vehicle, book your vehicle immediately. If you have any questions about vehicles, amenities, or anything, call the company and get answers. The sooner you book, the better the chances are of finding the right vehicle for your wedding.

Vehicle Size

The size of your chosen vehicle is essential. It is important to think of the bride first and foremost because she could be wearing a dress that can be rather large and difficult to maneuver. Book a large enough vehicle to handle the needs of the bride to ensure her dress doesn’t become entangled or wrinkled.

Depending on who will be traveling to and from the wedding with the bride and groom, it is important to consider all passengers. Please make certain to book a large enough vehicle to hold everyone comfortable, particularly the bride, as it is her day after all.

Know What Vehicles Are Available

Depending on how many will be traveling to and from the wedding in the vehicle, it is important to book a proper vehicle. Choose the vehicle that not only can transport everyone but can also ensure everyone will enjoy the experience. Our fleet has options to choose from, and one of the options will most likely suit your needs.

If you have up to 4 passengers riding, the Lincoln Navigator L Black Label is a perfect choice. This vehicle can also carry up to 4 bags, as needed. A Mercedes Sprinter Van is the perfect option for up to 8 passengers. This vehicle can carry up to 10 pieces of luggage. Our biggest vehicle available is the Mercedes Sprinter Van, which carries up to 10 passengers and 12 pieces of luggage.

Taking Photos

A wedding is a special event, and a chauffeured wedding car can help take photos to the next level. There will be many photo opportunities when the bride and groom arrive and depart. Let the vehicle be the elegant backdrop to many candid and staged photos on your special day.

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