Unique Activities When You Travel for Vacation to Key West

Unique Vacation Ideas In Key West

Everyone knows about Key West, but all they really know is that it’s a land of beaches and bars. And some people might know it’s a great spot for fishing. Past that, not many people know the best things to do in Key West, and they certainly don’t know the unique things to do when they travel for vacation in Key West.

You’re already intrigued because know you’re curious as to what these unique ideas might be. That list is provided for you below. If you follow this list, you should have a blast. Before getting to the list, if you’re on vacation in Key West, you’re not going to want the hassle of a rental car. Parking can be irritating. And let’s be honest, if you want to arrive in comfort and style, you want to have a chauffer. Apply the ‘go big or go home’ mindset to vacation and use private luxury transportation.

1. Visit the Turtle Hospital

You probably didn’t expect a turtle hospital to be on this list, but this is a list of the unique, remember? Not only that, this is the largest turtle hospital in the United States, and when you pay admission, you’re helping conservation. If that’s still not enough to pique your interest, the Turtle Hospital in Marathon has a 4.8 (of 5.0) overall rating. These are reviews left by people who have been to the turtle hospital.

The tours here are fun and educational at the same time, it’s a good attraction for any age, and you get to feed the turtles at the end of the tour. The hospital’s mission is to rescue, rehab, and release.

2. Hop on the African Queen

The African Queen is a classic movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. This is the same exact boat that was in the movie, and you take a canal cruise on it. Captain Jeff will tell stories about the boat and answer any questions. You also might have a chance to steer the boat for a bit. And you might see a shark.

If you have seen the movie, this is a must-go. If you’re with kids or teenagers who haven’t seen the movie, it’s not going to be exciting for them. Consider leaving them at the hotel if they’re old enough. For adults, you can bring alcohol on the boat.

3. See 6-Toed Cats at Hemingway’s Old Home

Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West in the 1930s and penned some of his best work there. You can take a self-guided tour and visit his writing studio. The artifacts are well maintained, and this is still home to the largest residential pool in Key West.

However, the really unique part about the home is that Hemingway had six-toed cats, and many of the 45-55 cats that live on the premises today have six toes. These cats like to be petted and are friendly, but don’t try to pick them up. It’s against the rules and they’re heavy anyway.

One must wonder if the brilliant mind of Hemingway purposely housed six-toed cats so they would reproduce and stay on property so part of him would always live on in that house. Who knows? Maybe Stephen King will write about it one day.

4. Fantasy Fest Key West

Fantasy Fest takes place for 10 days at the end of October. This is your chance to be whoever you please when you travel for vacation. With unique outfits and a famous Duvall Street parade, you know you can’t go wrong when looking for entertainment.

If you choose to visit Key West during Fantasy Fest, you will find a lot of body painting, dancing, drinking, and a parade. Arriving in your own fantasy attire via private luxury transportation would be one heck of an entrance. Keep in mind – there is probably going to be alcohol available at the Fantasy Fest events. The priority of Keys Luxury Transportation is to keep all visitors and patrons of Key West safe while also having fun. Call for a private car when you are ready to go back to the hotel!

As you pick and choose what activities you and your group want to do, keep in mind that there needs to be a mode of transportation. Keys Luxury Transportation is the #1 rated chauffeur service in Key West, and our customer service will prove it. No need to worry about driving through crowds on unfamiliar streets, our chauffeurs at Keys Luxury Transportation know how to make your trip extremely comfortable. Call us today to learn more about our services and vehicles! We have options for everyone.

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