How to Hire a Chauffeur in Key West

Having a personal driver bring you to your destination eliminates the hassle of planning your transportation and navigating traffic. Your trip to the Florida Keys will be much more enjoyable with a dedicated chauffeur on your side. Finding a limo service in Key West doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you know what you want from a driver and ask the proper questions. 

This guide explains how to hire a chauffeur you can trust. Use these tips before reserving a ride. 

How to Hire a Chauffeur in Key West: Everything to Consider

If you’re wondering, “Why hire a professional limo service?” the answer lies in all the benefits that car services provide. They are convenient, luxurious, and help you enjoy stress-free travel. It’s only possible to reap these benefits when you choose the right company for your transportation needs.

The following tips will make the hiring process much easier. When you consider these elements, you’ll end up with a chauffeur that leaves you satisfied.

The Number of Rides You’ll Need

Do you want to hire a full-time chauffeur for the duration of your trip? This is an excellent option if you’re planning multiple adventures around the island and want a driver to bring you to each one. Many limo companies offer one-way and round-trip rides to and from the airport to local hotels, but you can also book drivers at an hourly rate.

Say you want to explore the island’s top attractions throughout the day, then return to your hotel to freshen up before going out for dinner. A chauffeur that you hire for several hours can safely bring you to each location depending on your schedule.

The Space You’ll Need

If you’re wondering how to hire a chauffeur that meets your needs, you’ll have to first determine how much space you’ll need in a vehicle. Solo travelers or couples can usually fit all of their belongings in a town car or sedan, while many families need a more spacious SUV. Consider the following factors before reserving a personal driver:

  • The number of passengers you have
  • Leg and headroom each passenger needs
  • The number of bags each passenger has
  • The size of each passenger’s bag

All of these can determine the type of vehicle you should reserve. For example, if you’re traveling with a group of five but everyone has two large suitcases with them, an SUV will accommodate the passengers but not their bags. In this case, a sprinter van serves your group better.

The Driver’s Experience

Anyone wondering how to hire a chauffeur likely doesn’t want to have an inexperienced driver bringing them throughout Key West. Before you hire any driver, make sure you research their qualifications. Many car service companies vet their drivers and provide extensive training so each chauffeur offers five-star service.

How Well the Driver Knows the Area

If you’re visiting Key West for the first time, you’ll want a personal driver who knows the island and surrounding areas well. Not only will they have various routes to take when driving you places, but they can offer some valuable information. A driver who serves this community full-time can give you exclusive recommendations for shops, restaurants, beaches, and other must-see sites.

The Schedule a Driver Must Follow

Are you planning a destination wedding in Key West and need to get all guests to your ceremony on time? Do you have an early flight to catch and don’t want to be late to the airport? No matter what type of strict schedule your travel plans consist of, professional chauffeurs can get you anywhere on time.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a personal driver is that they make traveling convenient instead of stressful. You won’t have to worry about running late because your driver didn’t show up on time. They will plan for traffic in advance so you can stick to your schedule without issue.

Make Your Key West Adventure Memorable with Platinum Limousine

Now that you know how to hire a chauffeur you can trust, turn to the professional drivers at Platinum Limousine. Our impressive fleet of luxury vehicles can fit up to ten passengers plus luggage for travelers. You’ll ride in total comfort and style with our luxury sedans, SUVs, and Sprinter vans.

To reserve your ride, submit our online booking form or call (305) 475-5000.

We’re happy to show you what makes chauffeured transportation different from alternatives like public transit or ride-share services.

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