Why Opt for a Car Service Instead of Driving from Miami to Key West

Many people don’t realize that driving from Miami to Key West is a totally attainable road trip itinerary. In fact, taking this drive instead of flying into the Key West airport can allow you to take advantage of the many sights along the way. When considering this trip, many people wonder if they should rent a vehicle or schedule a car service.

Scheduling a limo service in Key West provides travelers with many benefits. From more time to enjoy every stop along the journey to avoiding the frustration of navigation, scheduling a car service from Miami to Key West could be the perfect choice for your group. Contact Platinum Limo to maximize your journey and schedule top-rated drivers in Key West.

7 Reasons to Opt for a Car Service from Miami to Key West

With the modern ride-sharing economy, many people wonder if a professional car service is actually worth it. Hiring a professional driver offers many benefits, especially while endeavoring a long trip, such as driving from Miami to Key West. These seven reasons to opt for a car service illuminate the holistic benefits of selecting a chauffeur for your journey.

#1: Increased Safety

While driving from Miami to Key West, safety is paramount. The only highway that serves the Florida Keys can easily become congested and pose a danger for drivers without experience navigating these roads.

Hiring a professional chauffeur eliminates this stress. Not only do professional drivers keep their vehicles in top condition, but they also have extensive training in defensive driving and road navigation.

#2: More Time to Enjoy

While traveling for leisure or business, the ability to take your mind off travel logistics and enjoy the journey can significantly improve the experience. In their guide for business travel, Business Travel discusses the Road Warrior, who knows all the best tips and tricks to maximize their travel time and enjoyment. Whether you’re driving from Miami to Key West for business or pleasure, getting a  professional driver can turn you and your group into road warriors.

#3: Benefit from Local Knowledge

The long journey down Florida’s Keys offers several unique sights and experiences. Full-time drivers will know the best stops to eat, take in ocean views, and explore the Keys on the way down. Hiring these professionals allows you and your group to benefit from local knowledge to create a more enjoyable experience.

#4: Avoid Navigation Frustration

Navigating the Florida Keys might seem simple, but once you leave the highway, the roads are more complex. By eliminating your need to navigate the roads, you can avoid significant stress and frustration. Why not make the journey easier with a professional?

#5: Punctuality and Professionalism

Remaining punctual is essential for any trip. Part of what makes professional drivers special is their total adherence to your schedule. Keep your schedule tight and specific with a driver who prioritizes your itinerary and timing needs.

#6: Make Stops on a Whim

Last-minute stops are one of the best parts of journeying down through Florida’s Keys. However, ride-sharing services usually won’t allow additional stops unless you pay additional fees.

Depending on the package you purchase from a limo company, you’ll likely be able to make any stops you want on a whim. Get a quick bite at a restaurant or enjoy a mini-shopping spree: your driver will know the best places to stop.

#7: Travel as a Group

While traveling with a large group, it can be hard to fit everyone in one vehicle. When you schedule ahead with a professional car service, you can get a car that fits everyone in your group. Keep your party together and comfortable by reserving a luxury SUV or sprinter van.

Enlist a Professional Driver from Platinum Limo

Many people are unsure whether a chauffeured service vs. ride-sharing service is the best option for long-distance travel. From punctuality to comfort guarantees, chauffeured services provide superior transportation options for any trip.

At Platinum Limo, our luxury fleet of sedans, SUVs, and sprinter vans offers groups of any size superior transportation from Miami to Key West. Our top-rated drivers bring years of experience, professional licensing, and extensive training to ensure your travel occurs on time and without any issues.

Driving from Miami to Key West in a professional car service is an excellent way to maximize your fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. Call (305) 475-5000 for more information about rates and reservations with Platinum Limo.

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