Why Private Airport Transfer Is a Must for Your Key West Vacation

A vacation to Key West in the Florida Keys will have you dreaming about stunning beaches, iconic sunsets, and lush tropical gardens. However, when you arrive at the Key West Airport (EYW), there’s still a 12 to 30-minute distance to conquer before you reach your lodging.

There are several options for this trip, but a private airport transfer blows them all out of the water. Platinum Limousine, the top Limo Service in Key West, covers why you should opt for private airport transfer for your trip.

The Advantages of Choosing Private Airport Transfer for Your Key West Vacation

Below are some of the key benefits of ditching public transportation for private airport transfer during your Key West vacation.

Travel in Comfort

After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is to go through the hassle of navigating public transportation in an unfamiliar terrain.

Even if you’ve already spent a vacation in Key West before, squeezing into a taxi with your luggage or running to catch up with the train or bus isn’t the most comfortable experience. With private airport transfer, you get to choose from a selection of luxury vehicles that meet your idea of comfort for the trip.

Ample legroom, plush leather seats, adequate luggage space, and entertainment: you can have it all.

Enjoy Convenience

When you arrive at the EYW airport without a private transfer option, you’ll have to go through the inconvenience of securing a ride on the spot or finding your way to a public transport terminal.

With a private transfer, you’ll have a professional driver waiting to pick you up immediately. The convenience allows you to begin your vacation in earnest.

Arrive on Schedule

The distance from the EYW airport to the downtown is short on paper. However, many factors can easily double the travel time. If you have to wait half an hour to secure a vehicle from ride-hailing companies due to increased demand, that’s close to an hour lost to the transfer process.

If punctuality is important to you on this trip, you’re better off choosing a private airport transfer. You can stay in control of your itinerary and not leave anything to chance.

Enjoy Personalized Service

Private airport transfer services often go above and beyond to offer personalized services to clients in a way you can’t get with public transportation options. It starts with the choice of vehicles. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your special someone, or in a group, you get to control the type of vehicle you choose for the transfer.

Next, you can plan the trip to suit your needs. Whether you want to add a few stops on the way or kickstart the vacation with a limo party, the private transfer service will accommodate your needs.

Cost-Effective Travel

Private airport transfer is more expensive than public transportation options at the surface level. However, the price difference shrinks drastically in actual practice or even disappears completely in some cases. This is especially true when you’re traveling in a group.

How much would you spend on taxis or ride-hailing vehicles for a group of four, for instance? Pull the expenses together, and you can secure a private airport transfer option that will deliver far better value for the money.

Easier Budgeting

With private airport transfers, you never have to worry about hidden fees or other such surprises. You’ll know how much your transfer will cost as you plan your travel, even before you’ve set foot on the airplane.

On the other hand, you never truly know how much your transfer will cost with public transportation options, such as ride-hailing services. Surge and variable pricing may have you paying up to double the normal rates without any added benefits.

Safe and Reliable Travel

Reputable private airport transfer companies have professional chauffeurs in well-maintained vehicles. You can relax knowing that your driver will be there when you need them and that the vehicle will not break down mid-trip.

Book a Private Airport Transfer for Your Key West Vacation With Platinum Limousine

Are you ready to book a private airport transfer for your Key West vacation? Turn to Platinum Limousine for the best experience. Our fleet of luxury vehicles features everything from luxury sedans for three passengers to Sprinter vans for groups of up to 10.

Choose a company you can trust to be there when you arrive at Key West Airport. Call Platinum Limousine in Key West, Florida, today at (305) 475-5000 to receive your free estimate.

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